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      Impeccable detailing, romantic movement and androgynous sillouettes engender the personality of Spring/Summer, reminiscent of the 70's space surrealist era. Thoughtfully fabricated to accentuate its surreal nature while punctuated with Ekta chrome colour palettes and vintage Karen Lynch collages. The mixed media and retro narrative reflect an uneasy mood, creating intrigue amidst the collection. Cotton lace collar trims, oversized cargo pockets and waisted peplums detail 'Earth Rising' while horror-esc graphical t-shirts by Nash Karaitiana anchor the sense of the unknown.

      Pivotal in this offering is the unique summer suiting in cupro and linen silk - elevated by the khaki, papaya and dusty pink colour palette. 

      Designed in house, the seasons prints sport 'UTOPIA' and 'EARTH RISING' significant to the mood while cut and paste collages backed by a web of interlocking grids house floating forms such as flamingos, cacti, moons, muscle cars and planets. All questioning reality and perspective. A playful representation of the chaotic world.


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