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  • Dogs With Stories Book
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Dogs With Stories Book

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Dogs with Stories is Mardo El-Noor’s desperate call for attention, camouflaged as a vanity project and disguised in a book of pictures and text. Featuring about a hundred good dogs and a hundred dog owners, the book contains a series of hyperrealistic staged scenes, set in the real homes and workplaces of those who share their lives with furry best friends.

This book is a great gift to buy for yourself if you are a fan of David LaChapelle, Annie Leibovitz, or Norman Rockwell. It’s also a perfect present for a family member, friend, or client who’s into dogs or interior design, especially if you’ve run out of options when it comes to cookbooks and rugby biographies.


TITLE: Dogs With Stories – Capturing New Zealanders With Their Four-Legged Best Friends
SIZE: 270 x 310mm, 164 ppg
PUBLISHER: Beatnik Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-99-116572-5