• Evie Kemp wall decal - Dog Skull
  • Evie Kemp skull wall decals
  • Evie Kemp skull wall decals
  • Evie Kemp Dog Skull wall decal

Evie Kemp wall decal - Dog Skull

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We like cats, we like dogs, we like skulls and so, here is the dog skull repositionable wall decal in minty green. Measures approximately 24 cm high by  40 cm wide. The cat skull is available separately.

Wall is a brand new range of fabric wall stickers designed to bring a fierce personality to your home. You don't go naked, so why should your walls? They add individuality and quirk to your space, personalise with your combination and placement, get bored and move them around.

The wall decals are made from a fine polyester with a light weave which means they apply seamlessly appearing as a mural or wall paper. Because they are completely matte (unlike shiny vinyl) they don't reflect light and actually look like part of the wall.

These decals are long-lasting and printed with archival quality inks so they won’t fade, wrinkle, peel, fall off the wall or take parts of the wall with them. They can be stuck on almost any indoor surface - but avoid applying to walls that have been freshly painted within the last month. 
If walls aren't your thing they can also be stuck on glass, the fridge, doors, coffee table, your laptop...running out of creative ideas here.
Safe for use in homes with even the meanest landlords. Worth the effort for even the most fickle interior designer.
To use: Clean your surface with a damp cloth and allow to dry completely. Remove from backing and apply to surface, smoothing out any air bubbles. When you want to move it somewhere else just carefully peel off and reapply. If you want to store your decal for a while between uses just stick it on to some cellophane or baking paper to maintain it's tackiness and store in a clean, dry place. Take care when peeling small pieces from backing to avoid tearing.