• Niwashi Gardening Hoe - Left handed

Niwashi Gardening Hoe - Left handed

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Niwashi Traditional Japanese Right-Handed Garden Tool. This would have to be the best garden tool you will ever use. Many horticulturalist with large gardens have used a lot of tools - Not any more! Do you have arthric wrists? This tool is designed for use in such a way that it allows your wrist to stay in one rigid position, without further aggravation by preventing twist. Unlike western garden hand tools the Niwashi uses an angled blade that cuts into the soil as you pull it towards yourself. A more comfortable and natural action. The sharp blade makes light work of breaking up compacted garden beds. Once you've tried it, you will be hooked. Its reputation speaks for itself - just don't lose it.

Specifications: High carbon steel blade

12.5cm long cutting blade

Wooden handle 26cm long.

Total length 33cm